Trail 7: Las Blancas – López Huici mountain refuge

Due to the length of the trail we suggest driving parto of the way, through woodland areas as far as kilometre 9, and then carrying on on foot wwhen we come out into the alpine grasslands. The journey continues along quite a steep trail leading to Las Blancas, offering some really spectacular views.

If you decide to use a vehicle, you will need to request and collect the appropiate permit at the Town Hall in Borau (tel. 974 364 538), as vehicles are not permitted to travel on the road in all seasons.

The route begins at an altitude of less than 1200 metres, in a landscape dominated by young reforested pine trees. As we go up the mountain, the pine trees gradually become more mature and Scots pine gives way to stands of black pine, a species that is better adapted to the adverse weather conditions of the highlans. In these woodlands areas, we find Eurasian Jay, Common Crossbill, Citril Finch, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Crested Tit, Black Woodpecker and Eurasian Nuthatch.

At an altitude of 1800 metres, the landscape is dominated by alpine grasslands, accompanied by areas full of cliffs and crags. In the area around the Torbillon hill and Lopez Huici military refuge, at an altitude of 2000 metres and in a typically alpine setting, there are stunning views of the Aragón river valley and the valley of Aísa-Borau, with their highest peaks soaring high above the rest (Collarada, Aspe, Lecherines). On this section of the route it is possible to see Alpine Pipit, Northern Wheatear, Common Rock Thrush, Golden Eagle, Yellow-billed Chough, Alpine Accentor, Lammergeier, Snowfinch and Griffon Vulture.



Difficulty: Medium

Medio 1 The environment is not without risk.
Itinerario 1 The route is fairly flat.
Desplazamiento 1 Paths and crossroads clearly marked.
Esfuerzo 3 Walks effectively lasting 3 to 6 hours.


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