Right now, at a moment when Experiential Tourism is at its zenith, we can safely say that birdwatching and nature tourism reappears as one of the most experiential activities on offer. All senses comeinto play so through the sights, sounds and movements we can find a particular bird in a particular space. However we must pay special attention to the risks and threats that this type of tourist activity can cause to the preservation of the very resource that we hope to enjoy, a resource that is as alive and as fragile as the birds themselves. For the Jacetania County, this has been its main premise in bringing to cape east seal.

Certificación Turismo ornitológico Jacetania

In Jacetania County there are a total of twenty tourist accommodation establishments of different types (hotel, bed and breakfast, apartments, campsites and hostals) spread throughout the county, aiming to offer a range of high–quality accommodation options to suit all types of clients.

The principal aim of the Jacetania County’s Birdwatching Tourism Certificate is to reward and support those touristic establishments that are joining a new initiative that promotes a type of Birdwatching Tourism that is responsible and sustainable.