Trail 5 Selva de Oza – Aguas Tuertas

The route can initially be covered by car before walkinig the rest of the way. It allows us to make our way back up the valley Aragón Subordán along a paved road from Selva de Oza, through beautiful countryside, with fir and beech stands. Here we can focus on the birds that are typically found in mature mixed woodland.

Once in the area of La Mina, the valley opens up revealing a typical cirque contour harking back to its glacial origins. A dirt track will take us to Guarrinza, with beech trees dominating the highland areas, while scrub and grasses grow lower down the mountainside and near the river. Also to be seen are rocky crabgs and ravines. We will soon come a barrier restricting the passage of vehicles. Here we need to continue on foot for about 3 kilometre until we come to the beginning of the valley of Aguas Tuertas.

All along this route, among other species are Griffon Vulture, Yellowhammer, Common Crow, Dipper, Red-backed Shrike, Citril Finch and Tree Pipit.



Difficulty: Low

Medio There is more than one risk factor
Itinerario Route goes along bridle paths
Desplazamiento 2 Signs indicating which way to continue.
Esfuerzo Walks effectively lasting 3 to 6 hours..


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