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Golden Oriole

Ecosystems: RIPARIAN

Seasons: March | April | May | June | August | September |

Photographer: Óscar Jesús GonzálezGolden Oriole environments


SCIENTIFIC NAME: Oriolus oriolus

FAMILY: Oriolidae

The male is a very colourful bird, with a bright yellow body contrasting with the black in its wings and part of the tail. However, the female bird’s greenish-yellow tinge is more cryptic. The Golden Oriole can be distinguished from a distance owing to its smooth, undulating flight, and above all for its call, which can be heard from more than a kilometre away.

STATUS IN ARAGON: E Nr (Summer visitor – Breeds regularly)

BREEDING PROBABILITY: Breeding highly likely


LOCAL STATUS: Summer visitor

MONTHS: April to September

ECOSYSTEMS: Riverside - Forest

DIET AND FEEDING: The Oriole is a forest bird, with a preference for deciduous woodland with oaks and shrubs. It feeds on beetles, caterpillars, butterflies, spiders, molluscs and fruit.

HABITS: It is a summer visitor to these parts, staying from April to September. Once the breeding season comes to an end in July, the Golden Oriole stops singing and is difficult to see. In La Jacetania it can be found at altitudes of up to 1000 metres.

THREAT OF EXTINCTION + CRITERION: CNEA (National Catalogue of Endangered Species): Not classified: CREA: Not included

ROUTES: 10 and 11 (Scrubland along the River Aragón)

SPATIAL DISTRIBUTION: Riverside woodland, submediterranean woodland.